Welcome Brood-Brethren

Here you can find physical (and soon digital) files for all my creations. I hope you like my sculpts. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I would love to hear from you. You can always message me on my socials at the bottom of this page.

The models are either cast in resin for maximum detail and sharpness. Or direct 3D printed to make some of the crazy geometries or poses possible.

Minis are posted once a week via the standard postal service, orders from outside of the UK take an average of 2 weeks to arrive.

Thank you for your interest and support on this journey!



Hive Delta

Spawned in 1990 and reaching maturity with a BSc CGI graphics degree in 2014, Eddie has been a digital miniatures sculptor on and off for over 10 years.

His other jobs have been; running a miniatures manufacturing company, creating oil and gas training simulations, a university lecturer for digital sculpting and working as something secret for the UK SF military.

In 2021, Hive Delta was a created as an outlet for all the alien themed monsters Eddie sculpts.

He takes inspiration from H R Giger's Xenomorphs, WH40k Tyranids, Starcraft Zerg, real world bugs, beetles and insects and generally anything creepy and crawly.

Great Quality! This guy was so much fun to paint and show off on the tabletop!

Andy, Etsy Review

Amazingly detailed miniature. Had lots of fun painting that monster. Will order again!

SassyTheSkyDragon, Etsy Review